5 reasons to consider an apprenticeship in the manufacturing industry

Published: 19 Jul 2017 By LoveApprenticeship.com

manufacturing girl thumbnailJess Penny is general manager of sales at Penny Hydraulics, a hydraulic machinery manufacturer that creates custom lifting solutions. In this article, she takes a closer look at why you should consider an apprenticeship in manufacturing and how it could benefit your career. Read on to find out more.

With GCSE and A-level results just on the horizon, there's a good chance you will be considering what the next step in your future will be. There are a number of options available to you, such as going straight into work or continuing into further education, but there's also a path that you may not have considered: doing an apprenticeship.

You can do an apprenticeship in many industries, but one of the most exciting areas to pursue a career in is the manufacturing engineering sector. If you are fascinated by the way things are designed and put together, the manufacturing industry can offer you a rich and rewarding career. No two days will ever be the same and you'll regularly get to use your brain to solve problems. You'll also get to work alongside a team of like-minded individuals who are each focused on overcoming the same goals as you.

As well as offering an exciting and challenging career, a manufacturing apprenticeship has quite a few practical perks too. Let's have a look at some of the best.

Develop skills that are in demand

Almost half of recruiters find it difficult to find qualified candidates for engineering jobs, according to recent research, which means you will be part of a sought-after group once you complete your training. Your skills will always be in demand, giving you excellent employability prospects in the future, as well as having plenty of choice in the roles you can apply for.

Gain on-the-job experience and training

At Penny Hydraulics, we've taken on quite a few apprentices over the years, and one of the things they always highlight as a great benefit is the on-the-job experience and training they receive. Learning in a working environment allows you to understand things as you do them, which can be a lot more effective than reading about them in theory. You will also gain an insight into how a manufacturing company works, so you'll be better prepared for joining the workforce than if you were trained in a classroom.

You'll get a qualification at the end of your training

At the end of your apprenticeship, you will have earned a nationally recognised qualification, usually a diploma in engineering or a related subject. You can use this as a foundation to build the rest of your career on, allowing you to explore the opportunities available in the manufacturing sector.

Earn money without taking on student debt

By choosing an apprenticeship over further education, you will avoid having to take on any student debt. What's more, as a manufacturing apprentice, you will earn a wage as you learn the ropes, giving you a lot of financial independence during your studies.

Potential for a job straight away

Another great perk of an apprenticeship is the potential to walk into a job as soon as you have finished your training. As you have to train within a company and you've learned to do things their way, employers are often keen to see apprentices go on to fill full time positions. This can provide a direct career path, removing the need to enter the job market when you have qualified.

Taking these five reasons into account, it is clear to see how an apprenticeship in manufacturing would be an exciting career choice, with plenty of practical benefits.


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