Love learning. Love earning.

Published: 29 Nov 2016 By Your lovely apprenticeship team

We love apprenticeships! And we think high-quality apprenticeships are the answer to the growing skills gap. 

Too many employers can’t find the skilled talent they need. And many young people are leaving university heavily indebted. 

We’re here to bridge the gap. By helping employers find the best apprentices and young people find rewarding careers. It’s that simple!

When we started out we couldn’t understand why apprentices and employers were unable to find each other online, just like other job seekers in the marketplace. 

So we created – the world’s first premium apprenticeship jobs board service. Our brand promise is ‘quality training, rewarding careers.’ is owned and operated by New Work Training Ltd. We are a passionate bunch, committed to helping more people learn and earn their way through life. 

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Love learning, love earning.


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